Get Zenge, Scalak, and OXXO Half Price in the Hamster on Coke Android Sale

Developer Hamster on Coke is holding a sale on all three of its acclaimed Android games. You can currently pick up Zenge, Scalak, and OXXO for 99c each. 

You could be forgiven for not having heard of any of those games, but they’re all worth checking out. 

Zenge is a laidback zen puzzler in which you have to slide blocks around to get them to their destinations, Scalak is a puzzler that challenges your visuospatial reasoning abilities by tasking you with completing 3D shapes, and OXXO is another 3D puzzler where you need to work out the rules of the puzzles as they come. 

All three games are well reviewed, with OXXO scoring a highly impressive 4.9 average user rating. Scalak is on 4.8, and Zenge – the most popular of the three, managing a still respectable 4.3. 

We’re not sure when the sale is going to end, but this is a good opportunity to add some novel, stylish, and inexpensive puzzlers to your collection. 

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