[Updated] Here’s a list of games currently integrated with Google Play Games service

So as the next couple of days pass by there will be more and more games getting updated with Google Play Games features. While at some point it will be impossible to list every game that gets integrated with Google’s new service, for now we can at least keep everyone up to speed on what games already have it.

On our forums Maxorq has begun compiling a list of games currently available with Google Play Games integration. Of course this list will keep growing and we encourage everyone to help add to the list until it becomes impossible to do so. For now though, here are the games so far:

Beach Buggy Blitz (Free) (48 achievements)

Chip Chain (Free) (43 achievements)

Eternity Warriors 2 (Free) (29 achievements)

Eufloria (Free/$4.99) (? achievements)

Farm Invasion USA (Free/$5.20) (20 achievements)

Kingdom Rush ($1.99) (? achievements)

Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour ($6.99) (49 achievements)

Osmos ($2.99) (? achievements)

Plague Inc. (Free) (54 achievements)

Riptide GP ($1.99) (? achievements)

Super Stickman Golf 2 (Free) (60 achievements)

Triple Town (Free) (26 achievements)

World of Goo ($4.99 $0.99) (22 achievements)

Rocket Island (Free) (24 Achievements)

Save the Puppies (Free) (36 Achievements)

Townsmen (Free) (61 Achievements)

Farm Invasion USA (Free) (? Achievements)

Avabel Online (Free) (90 Achievements)

If you’re up for helping find all the game currently featuring Google Play Games integration, hop on over to the forums and add to the list.

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