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Mario Kart Tour mobile exclusivity ends with PC release

Mario Kart Tour Android

The mobile exclusive kart racer Mario Kart Tour is drifting out of mobile exclusivity. According to dataminers, evidence has been found of an upcoming PC port of the free-to-play game. 

Is Mario Kart Tour coming to PC?

Hidden inside the latest update for Mario Kart Tour, evidence exists of a mysterious PC version of the game. Via Resetera, dataminers looking into the update found mentions of PC hardware within the new update. 

Currently, the game only supports two methods of input: touchscreens and controllers. However, the latest update added a “mouse” input mode, presumably for PC players.

This does make some sense. Android gaming on PC is quickly becoming the norm. With Windows adding native android app support as well as Google Play Games for PC, more mobile games will hit the desktop. 

However, this is a substantial release from Nintendo. Even if it’s just a basic PC port, this is the company’s first PC game in 27 years. The last time Nintendo touched the PC market was Mario’s Game Gallery. That game released in 1995. 

Other evidence for Tour’s PC port is the fact that there are numerous references to emulation within this new update. This means that the upcoming PC release will not be a native port, but instead running through Android emulation. 

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A tournament of new content

Alongside evidence of a PC release, the new Mario Kart Tour update reveals new content and features. It looks like we have a lot of karting ahead of us!

Within the update, multiple references to new courses can be found. Additionally, “anti-gravity” features have been added, essentially creating Mario Kart 8 on mobile. 

Furthermore, the update even mentions new “connectivity with 8 Deluxe”. This could mean that new content is also coming to the mainline Nintendo Switch game sometime soon.

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