Monster Robot Studios debuts with their action platformer Heavy Sword

A new development studio has debuted on Android today and has come out rather strong with their first game release Heavy Sword. This particular game is a retro style Action-Platformer that borrows some cues from games we used to play on consoles and PC.

Players will take charge of the game’s hero named Pike who, as with any good retro platformer we used to play back in the day, has to rescue Princess Lucinda who is probably Pike’s secret love. Pike will have to run, jump, chop, hack and kill everything standing in the way between him and the princess.

Heavy Sword Features:

– loads of exciting levels
– awesome power ups
– Bombs, Bows, Throwing daggers, Steam powered armor and of course the all powerful HEAVYsword!
– Unlockable extras like the Memory match Card Game

Players will also have plenty of hazards to avoid while no their quest to save the princess. If the fact that this game by itself is a great platformer to play, Monster Robot Games have added some rather cool little unlockable extras for people to find and play.

For those of you who are looking for a good platformer to play, you might want to check out Heavy Sword. Downloading a copy of this game will cost you $1.99. Hopefully we see more good titles come from Monster Robot Games, keep an eye of them.

Google Play Link: Heavy Sword

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