The action-platformer Bounty Arms THD will finally be arriving next week

One game we have been waiting for since almost a year ago is an action platformer called Bounty Arms THD. This particular game is one we’ve had some hands-on time with already with an early build and it was pretty fun to play back then. Bounty Arms THD has a unique cast of creatures that you end up killing in some rather unique ways.

Featuring full 3D visuals, this is a side-scrolling platformer that also has depth-of-field movement. By this we mean at time your character can move away from you or towards you, not just left or right. Weaponry is also rather unique, with items like a giant fly swapper being available in your arsenal along with other weapons like really big guns.

As you may be guessing from the title, you’ll be going around collecting different bounties that are available, earning money to purchase upgrades along the way. Of course the bounties get increasingly more difficult as you get further into the game.

For those of you who have been patiently waiting to get your hands on Bounty Arms THD, you only have to wait until next week which is when the game developers have told us that the game would be released. As for pricing, we don’t know that just yet. Since this is a THD branded game, it’ll be available for Tegra-based devices, at least for now.

Websites Referenced: Kerosene Games | Open-Reset

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