The last Terraria update is out now… for real this time

Terraria’s Labor of Love update is finally out on all platforms. As the last Terraria update, supposedly, this is a beautiful swansong to the game that was once just referred to as a 2D Minecraft. 

Play the last Terraria update 

On mobile, you’ll find the last true Terraria update in the new 1.4.4 update run. Alongside the new Labor of Love update, multiple hot fixes will be launching to fix small issues introduced in this content update. 

In this patch, a number of new additions are included. For example, you’ll now be able to recruit a number of Town Slimes, discover three new seeds and much, much more. 

Furthermore, a collection of new tools and equipment are included in this patch. On the euiotment side, you’ll now be able to find the Shellphone, Terraformer and Lilith’s Neckless. Meanwhile, the new builder tools include the Rubblemaker and Hand of Creation. 

Additionally, the game adds some new blocks to play with! You’ll find Reef Blocks, Ancient Bricks, New Paintings, Decorative Life/Mana Crystals. Does that excite you? 

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The Quality of Life improves

New gameplay tools are not the only addition to the last Terraria update. In fact, the game also has a number of new quality of life improvements that will make the game much more playable on mobile. 

On mobile, you’ll see massive inventory improvements and proper numerical health bars. Furthermore, the melee combat has been overhauled alongside a number of boss fights. Apparently, there are other improvements as well!

As the last Terraria update, this new patch is substantial. After years and years of support, this is fantastic for gamers everywhere. Whether you’re on mobile, console or PC, you’ll have a fantastic experience. (Although, we do recommend a controller for mobile, even if it isn’t essential.) 

If you have yet to play Terraria on mobile, you can get it right here

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