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Torchlight: Infinite pay-to-win features uncovered before launch

NetEase’s Diablo Immortal is hated for its egregious pay-to-win mechanics. However, the upcoming Torchlight: Infinite has been praised on the belief that the free-to-play would only have cosmetic microtransactions. 

As it turns out, Torchlight: Infinite pay-to-win mechanics are actually in place. Does this news disappoint you as much as it disappoints us? 

Is Torchlight: Infinite pay-to-win? 

Explained in a Reddit post about the game, the new mobile Torchlight game isn’t free from egregious microtransactions. While it doesn’t seem as bad as Diablo Immortal, it’s far from innocent. 

In the post, a Redditor discusses multiple paid features in place that guarantee pay-to-win. While there are cosmetic microtransactions, entire mechanics are also locked behind extra spending.

The most infuriating paid feature is auto-loot, a classic feature now tied to spending money. Furthermore, there’s two versions. Firstly, you can get a weak auto loot by spending any money on the game. However, a more powerful version that picks up good loot and materials requires you buy the $15 Battle Pass. 

Another egregious paywall mechanic is Class Traits. These traits let you to gain special stats and passive abilities. Some traits are locked behind gacha rolls that are only available with premium currency. 

As the Reddit post explains, the chance to get one of these Traits in a gacha roll is just 0.55%. With a pity system as 40 pulls, you’ll have to spend around $100 to guarantee a rare Trait pull. 

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Chasing the money 

Torchlight: Infinite pay-to-win is a sad reality of the mobile games industry. However, many — including us — were under the assumption that Infinite would be better than Immortal. Is that even true anymore? 

Just a few months ago, Torchlight was throwing shade at Diablo Immortal for swindling customers. However, after seeing how much money NetEase’s ARPG, it would appear that the game is chasing the green.

Will you still be playing the new Torchlight game? Tell us in the comments below! 

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