Tower of Fantasy global release date finally revealed

Open-world RPGs on Android are a dime a dozen nowadays, but millions are excited for Tower of Fantasy. But just when does Tower of Fantasy actually release? Well, read on and we’ll tell you!

Tower of Fantasy release date

Following two popular closed beta periods, Tower of Fantasy is almost out. After a series of ARG-like teasers, garbled messages coming from the tower, a release date has finally been confirmed.  

The Tower of Fantasy release date is currently scheduled for August 10th, 2022. This gives as-of-yet unregistered players just enough time to sign up before the game releases. Why should you pre-register? For bonuses of course! 

ToF will launch simultaneously on Mobile and PC. The mobile release will span the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. On the other hand, the PC release is limited to the Epic Games Store. 

Anyone who pre-registers prior to August 9th will be able to get a number of extra goodies. You’ll be gifted free in-game resources, free cosmetic items as well as 10 free rolls on the in-game gacha system. 

If you want to pre-register before it’s too late, follow this link here.

Is this the next Genshin Impact?

Tower of Fantasy is pitching itself as the next Genshin Impact on mobile and PC. While it doesn’t have the same massive hype surrounding it, there is a huge fanbase waiting to jump on board. 

As of now, there are around 3 million players who have registered to play on launch. This is far less than the 20 million people who pre-registered to play Genshin Impact. 

Nevertheless, ToF is one of two games vying for Genshin’s crown. Alongside Tower, Noah’s Heart is also gunning for the throne. Which one do you think is better? Will you be playing ToF, Noah’s Heart of neither?

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