Valleys Between definitely still coming to Android

Valleys Between Android

Valleys Between is a blend of god game and puzzler that just entered soft launch in Australia and New Zealand, in which you have to create your very own world.

Sound easy? Well, it isn’t. You have to keep nature in balance by ensuring that there’s enough variety in terms of biomes.

You do so by swiping tiles to change their environmental make up. Perhaps you want to change that dry grassland for water? Or turn water into a tree?

Valleys Between will still launch on Android


Match a few of the same tiles together and you can turn them into something else entirely, like a few trees into a forest or water into a lake.

So it’s basically like Godus meets Threes meets Merge Town. If you like the sound of it, you are sadly going to have to wait a bit. The soft launch is iOS only.

The developer has assured fans that an Android version is still on the cards though, and will announce more soon. Sign up to the newsletter to stay up to date.

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