Vector Unit shows off multiplayer on Riptide GP 2 with Google Play Games

Vector Unit has decided to release a video showing off Riptide GP 2 and the game’s multiplayer features. This game will be using Google Play Games services so players can log into their Google account and race against people in their circles. Another interesting point about this video are the devices they are using to show multiplayer.

Three people are racing in the video, one using Nvidia’s upcoming Shield, one using a Moga controller with a Nexus 7 tabler, and one using a Samsung Galaxy S4 which confirms that Riptide GP 2 won’t just be Tegra exclusive. It might be for a short period of time, but we can see it running just fine on a non-Tegra device so it may end up getting released for everyone right away.

Check out the video below to see it all in action.

Developer Website: Vector Unit

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