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Rovio teases new content update for Angry Birds Star Wars

Yesterday we talked about Rovio teasing a new content update for their pig-centric physics-based puzzle game Bad Piggies and now today we get to talk about another update coming our way although this time it is for their Angry Birds Star Wars game. A few moments ago Rovio posted a teaser image of the Millennium Falcon flying into an underground tunnel. An underground themed update perhaps?

This image is labeled as #19 in the ongoing seris of images that happens to get posted over on the official Angry Birds Star Wars website. However, instead of this just being art, it is an actual teaser image even though it doesn’t say exactly that on the image itself. We know this because in Rovio’s tweet with this image they state, using a hash tag, that this would be coming soon.

Also included in the tweet is the hash tag #EscapefromHoth. While ‘Escape from Hoth’ is probably not going to be the name of the update, it is pretty evident that Rovio is gearing up for a new update for Angry Birds Star Wars. What exactly this update will come with remains to be seen but as soon as we find out, we will be sure to update everyone.

Website Referenced: Rovio’s Twitter

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