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Kairosift quietly releases Pocket League Story 2 onto Google Play, complete with multiplayer

The other day we reported on Kairosoft who had released a new title onto Android but currently for the Japan Google Play store only for right now. That game was a farming sim title where you basically try to build up the most profitable and well-known farm. Well at around the same time the company released another game but this time is was for everyone. So what was this second game? Pocket League Story 2.

Following in the footsteps of the original game, this sequel will have players building up their own franchise, scouting out new players and coaches to fill the roster with. From there you’ll be training your team,making decisions on what tactics and formations to use and hopefully making your team a championship one. Unlike the original game though, Pocket League Story 2 has some additional features that you’ll have to deal with.

Weather plays a factor in this sequel now, with things like rain and snow happening that can affect how well your players perform. Penalty shootouts have also been introduced into the game. However, the big news with this sequel is that there is now multiplayer. You’ll be able to pit your team against other people’s teams from around the world in head-to-head matches. The multiplayer feature is still in beta though so if you spot a bug, that would be why. There are prizes and bonuses to be won if you’re team is good enough to beat a lot of other player’s teams.

There also happens to be all the same money making options that the original had in order to fund your team and hire better players, Building up your fan base, nabbing corporate sponsors and selling merchandise are all part of the plan to make a championship team.

If you were a fan of the original game then you’ll want to pick up Pocket League Story 2 off of Google Play if for no other reason that it has mutiplayer in it. Also, it helps that downloading and playing the game is free but it does offer up optional IAPs to remove ads or purchase extra coins.

Google Play Link: Pocket League Story 2

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