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5 Android gaming stories you should have read this week

It’s Sunday again, and that can only mean it’s time for another weekly rundown of the Android gaming stories you should have read this week. Consider it revision, to prepare you for the days ahead.

We’ve got the full gamut of gaming news this week, including a new game announcement, an in-game event, a delay, a re-registration, and more. Read on, or regret your folly evermore.

A Stranger Things mobile game appeared and surprised everybody

stranger things mobile

Strangers Things came from nowhere this time last year and charmed everybody with its nostalgic 80s vibe. Just weeks before the second season is due to arrive, Stranger Things: The Game has done the same thing.

A cleverly presented top-down action adventure title, Stranger Things: The Game sees you exploring Hawkins, Indiana, in the company of Hopper and friends. You’ll collect VHS tapes, visit the Upside Down, and more.

Thimbleweed Park is delayed by a week

Thimbleweed Park

If you have any interest in Ron Gilbert’s classic point and click adventure game Thimbleweek Park then you’ll know perfectly well that it’s been delayed by a week, because you’re not playing it.

Still, it’s worth reminding everybody of this delay if only to highlight that Thimbleweek Park is coming out next week. In case you’re not au fait, the game is funny pixelart adventure in the style of Monkey Island, by the guy who made Monkey Island, which is all you need to know.

Star Trek Timelines gets a Star Trek: Discovery-based event

This is a public service announcement in case you missed it first time around. Star Trek Timelines is getting its first event based in the Discovery universe.

The event – correction, MEGA event – takes place after the USS Shenzou mysteriously appears and starts drifting unresponsively through space, leaving a trail of disrupted chronitons and displaced people behind it.

The first event took place last Thursday, but you can still get in on all the others. Click on the link above to see the schedule.

7 days left to grab the latest Humble Mobile Bundle

The latest Humble Mobile Bundle is all about Korea, with seven games made in the southern half of that troubled peninsula. Obviously.

As ever, there are tiers. For $1 you get two games, for $4.94 (at the time of writing) you get another two, and for $5 you get a further three.

I don’t know who’s going for the $4.94 option, but they need their heads examined, as they’re passing up three games for 2 cents each.

Pricing anomalies aside, this is a solid bundle with some good games, and a portion of the proceeds of your sale (which can be as high as you like) go to charity.

You can pre-register for Game of Thrones: Conquest

Game of Thrones won’t be returning to our screens until 2019, so it’s a good job Warner Bros and developer Turbine are on the case with Game of Thrones: Conquest.

This mobile spin-off of everybody’s favourite constant disappointment will see you ruling a house and trying to crush other houses through Jaime Lannister-esque military skill and Littlefinger-like cunning.

It’s out on the 17th, but you can pre-register now.

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