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Crescent Moon: Morphite will launch on Android next week

Morphite Android

Back in October, we reported that Crescent Moon’s mobile answer to No Man’s SkyMorphite, will launch on Android by Christmas. We can now happily narrow that down to next week.

We heard it from the lion’s mouth itself as well. Yesterday, Crescent Moon responded to a tweet asking when the Android version will launch, and confirmed that it will be next week.

Morphite will officially launch on Android next week

So clear your plans and get ready to set sail for the stars. Morphite is a massive experience that has you travelling the stars, hunting for resources on alien planets.

You’ll then sell those resources to buy new gear and ships. Those will allow you to visit even more planets and do it all over again. Like we said, it’s a lot like No Man’s Sky.

Excited? We don’t blame you. Watch the official trailer above to quell some of that ahead of the launch.

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  • Shuk

    No info info on price or whether it will be available with offline mode?

    • Rohit Bhatia

      it is an offline game, on iOS it is $7.99 i think it will be the same

  • primalxconvoy

    I think this might even come out for Android Shield TV! Looking forward to what is basically a much better version of NMS!

  • CM said that you need something like a Galaxy S5 to play the game I hope this is playable on my android tv