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Crescent Moon: Morphite will be on Android by Christmas

Morphite Android

If you think Crescent Moon has forgotten about the Android version of Morphite, think again. In a recent reply to an Instagram post, Crescent Moon confirmed that Morphite will launch on Android “before Xmas”.

It’s a shame we couldn’t get a more specific release date than that, but let’s not count our blessings. We can stare at our phone, ignore our family, and visit a bunch of different planets instead of just wishing to on Christmas day. That’s all that matters.

What even is Morphite?

In case you live under the ground, and are somehow reading this by sticking two sticks in a puddle, Morphite is basically Crescent Moon’s answer to No Man’s Sky on mobile.

You’ll visit a bunch of alien planets, scan creatures to earn cash, and then spend it on upgrades. Rinse, repeat, have a really good time.

It’s not out on Android yet, but it will be in time for Christmas. We’ll keep you posted on an exact release date.

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