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Google’s Gaming Commitment

It seems Google is still pushing forward to show their commitment to games and gaming on Android. First it was hiring a Game Developer Advocate for Android, then the purchase of LabPixies and now it is a job posting for a Product Management Leader For Games. This job is for a Google position and not completely dedicated to Android, although I’m sure it’ll be a large part of the job.

Why this was posted as a general job opening within Google and not more Android related is still a bit strange considering Android will probably end up being the main focus of this position. It’s clear though Google has some really big ideas for the gaming community but what exactly is still unknown. Could we see something soon that is similar to the newly announced Apple Gaming Center?

More and more each week we see that Froyo (Android 2.2) has some large performance improvements that not only deal with games and gaming but general app performance and phone performance. The Android NDK also received quite the boost and will probably continue to be improved upon especially in performance. We are also seeing more add-ons showing up in regards to gaming such as the Game Gripper. A lot of the higher end Android phones are also coming with a huge amount of internal storage allowing for much larger games to be downloaded and installed as well as much better hardware for actually running these larger games.

With all of this in mind it is starting to look like the actual line between Android as a decent gaming platform and a serious competitor in the gaming sector, specifically against the iPhone, is about to be crossed. It’ll be interesting to see how this position will work along side the Game Developer Advocate and LabPixies as well.

It looks like Android is well on it’s way to being the gaming powerhouse it should be and should have been for awhile now. A very exciting time for the gaming fans of Android, it’ll be interesting to see what further developments come about during Google I/O. If you think you are right for this job at Google, why not try to apply for it!

So what does everyone else think about this? Good/Bad? Is Android really going to be the main focus of this position even though it’s not truly stated as such?

Source Referenced: Techcrunch

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