Day: 22 May 2010


Froyo First Impressions

Well it wasn’t long before the manual download link was just made available for Nexus One owners to grab the update by downloading it and manually installing it. Already the performance increase is ridiculous and an example of this is how fast Froyo boots up. Now the overall review of Froyo will be left to the other sites, we stick with gaming and here is our first impressions.


Newton Physics Game

In the world of physics, Newton is law…alright that was a terrible attempt at a pun but Newton by Badlogic Games is an excellent and unique physics game that features some rather awesome 3D retro style graphics and smooth animation. The basis of the game it to shoot your particle gun and hit your target but all is not as easy as it sounds.


Pac-Man 30th Anniversary

Coming right on the heels of the Google I/O conference ending is the 30th Anniversary of Pac-man and to celebrate it Google, in their usual fashion, changed the graphic on their search page to show the game with the word Google built into the stage. If you haven’t heard or seen this yet, go check it out since you can actually play the game as well.