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Google Aquires Slide

Google continues making moves to improve their stance with gaming especially social gaming. Their latest move is with yet another purchase of a company, this time called Slide. Slide is another social gaming company who have released games such as SuperPoke!, SuperPoke! Pets, Top Fish, SuperPocus Academy of Magic, and the Facebook application FunSpace.

So what exactly does this mean for Android? As of yet that remains to be seen but since Android has boomed into such a platform not just for mobile phones but for mobile gaming, would anyone be surprised if this was somehow integrated into Android gaming? Google has deep pockets and according to 1UP/TechCrunch they have already spent about $300 million dollars on social gaming lately.

Between this and their investment into Farmville along with pushing Google checkout as a payment method for in-game purchases it would be feasible for all of this to start showing up more in the Android market. Some games already do it such as those browser style MMORPG games such which allow you to purchase extra points to help boost your game, which are available on the Android market.

So do you think all of these companies Google is buying will be integrated into Android in one form or another? If so, then how? Even better question: Is Google starting to focus too much on social gaming?

Website Referenced: 1UP

Developer Website: Slide

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