Day: 16 August 2010


Hella Umbrella Coming Soon

Hella Umbrella, developed by Ramblin’ Wreckage, is a very unique platformer coming soon to the Android market. While admittedly right now the Android market lacks a good selection of platformers with few being good to play, Hella Umbrella is set to change this and features some crazy gameplay elements yet to be seen in an Android platformer game.


Starbase Defense

Starbase Defense, developed by Sebastian Serafin, is sort of like a tower defense game in that you have to defend your starbase against endless waves of enemies. While you don’t have any towers or things of that nature to help you out you do have upgrades you can purchase after each round. This is a great example of what to play when you want to kill some time.


AGC1 – Semi-Finals Begin!

The first ever Android Gaming Challenge is nearing it’s end. Today marks the beginning of the semi-finals and after that the finals where 1 person will be named Champion. Six players have managed to beat out the original 400+ entries into the tournament playing various games testing different aspects of gaming such as reflexes, endurance and strategy!