Day: 23 August 2010


Ralph The Platform Game

You’re Ralph, a dog who cares about his bones. Unfortunately for you, you’ve lost them all and now you are running around trying to find them and what is worse is that you have a set amount of time to find them! That’s the basis for a new platform game called Ralph by Jadnet Games just released onto the Android market today in it’s Beta form.


Angry Birds Coming End Of August

We have been reporting on Angry Birds by developer Rovio ever since it was announced that it would be making it’s way over to the Android platform which was a couple of months ago. Since then we have posted updates about it and even a video showing Angry birds being played on a Droid. Well for all of you waiting for this game, your waiting is almost over.

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Sketch Online (Beta) Review

Playing against computer AI – however well designed – gets old once in a while.  There’s something very rewarding about cooperating with (or beating the hell out of) other people.  Sketch Online is a casual multiplayer experience that will either let you kill five minutes in a waiting room or run your battery right into the ground.