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Sky Force by Infinite Dreams updated with OpenFeint

Sky Force by Infinite Dreams was one of the games I had mention to definitely try in our article about the second wave of OpenFeint games heading to the Android market the other day. Well it is now available with OpenFeint integated into it and to celebrate it is now on sale for a short time! This makes Sky Force slightly more awesome then it originally was.

Sky Force is definitely awesome as it combines 2D/3D graphics into a fast paced top-down scroller where you control your plane shooting down the enemies. You can check out our original article regarding Sky Force as well as Sky Force Reloaded which isn’t updated yet with OpenFeint but hopefully it will be. However I will quickly recap some of the features of this great action game.

Full Version Features:

  • 3D Interactive Objects
  • Outstanding Graphics
  • Special Effects
  • Soundtracks
  • Amazing Environments
  • Tons of Enemies
  • Power-Ups
  • 7 Large Levels
  • 4 Big Bosses
  • Dynamic Weather (Rain, Cloudy, Wind)
  • Ranking System
  • 3 Difficulty Settings
  • Now with OpenFeint high scores and Achievements
  • and much more..



If you like these types of games then I suggest you stop what you are doing, go to the Android Market, go buy it now since it’s on sale (50% off) and lose a few hours of your life playing it especially now that OpenFeint is integrated into it you can unlock achievements and also see if you can beat other people’s high scores on the leaderboard. There is a Lite version you can grab to try it out if you want.

Developer Website: Infinite Dreams

Direct Market Link: Sky Force

Click QR Code to enlarge for east scanning: {rokbox}images/stories/QRCodeLibrary/QRSkyForce.png{/rokbox}

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