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Sharp’s “ReRAM” to replace NAND, be 10,000x faster

NAND flash chips in your phone keeping you waiting, sucking your battery dry? How about a 10,000 times speed increase and using “virtually zero” power in standby? Sharp and it’s new partner Elpida announced development on their Resistive Random Access Memory dubbed ReRAM that does exactly that.

The University of Tokyo and Japan’s National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology seem to be responsible for this research among unlisted others. We don’t know yet how Sharp is achieving this feat but we’ll certainly find out more around it’s 2013 commercialization date (meaning first products we’ll be seeing it in). It’s set to compete with HP’s “memristor” concept launching around the same time which similarly demolishes NAND’s read/write/power usage benchmarks. Can you wait to never see another loading screen again?

Website Referenced: Engadget

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