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The LG Nexus 4 gets a new render for all to behold

While October 29th is only five days away, which is when Google will be having an event in New York which everyone is pretty much guess will be the official announcement of the Nexus 4 device, probably something to do with Android 4.2 and even possibly the Nexus 10 tablet. One thing is for certain, something with a Nexus will be involved.


The tiny iMpulse Game Controller keyring hits Kickstarter for funding

As with all things technology based, we tend to see sizes get smaller and smaller as technology advances. This holds true for cellphones that, at one point, were bigger than a brick but are now nice little smartphones that fit in our pocket. Even the upcoming Android powered OUYA game console is the size of a Rubik’s Cube. Now game controllers are going that way as well, at least when it comes to mobile gaming. Let’s meet the iMpulse Controller, a game controller that is the size of a keyring.


SteelSeries Free Wireless Controller goes on sale October 2nd

Way back in the beginning of this year during CES 2012 we reported on SteelSeries who were planning on getting into the mobile gaming market with a new game controller called the ION. After we reported on this new portable controller, that can easily fit in your pocket, everything went quiet about when it would start hitting store shelves. Now, we can finally give you an update and the controller’s new name, the SteelSeries Free Wireless Controller.