Day: 30 August 2012


Flavor Monsters by truth now available but should probably be avoided

A new game has arrived on the Google Play store that is part of an entire campaign by ‘truth’ which, if you want TV at all, have probably seen those commercial about how bad smoking is and so on, generally ending with a picture of the truth logo. The commercials generally try to be unique and somehow interesting while portraying that smoking is bad. Unfortunately, putting out a crappy game isn’t a good way to continue your campaign.


zGames bring their first title to Android, called The Red Weed. H.G. Wells fans rejoice

In this ever growing Android market, it has become a usual thing to see iOS developers coming to our beloved environment. It’s to no surprise that ultimately they’ve all wanted a piece of that huge and delicious Android cake. Now, the time has come for zGames, a development studio that was first spotted with apps like Talking Cookies Kid or “Charlie Bit Me!!!” under the name of Viral Spiral Group. Today, zGames s coming with a little gem called Red Weed, and based upon Jeff Wayne’s award-winning Musical Version of The War of the Worlds.


Konami announces Metal Gear: Social Ops for mobile devices, coming soon

During Konami’s 25th anniversary Metal Gear Solid event, the company announced a couple of new games that will be coming to the franchise, one of which will be for mobile gamers. If you are expecting this to be filled with sneaking around and letting you slice people’s throats open, you will be surprised. Instead this will be a card battle game with a ‘Mother Base’ element layered onto it.