Day: 21 September 2012


Popular iOS continuous runner Subway Surfers arrives on Google Play

In the actual market, creativity and innovation are two words that usually make up as a good start when creating a game, being it extremely important in an era where lots of game genres are already taken by successful and un-aging hits. It’s the case of the Continuous Running (or Infinite Running for literal purposes) genre, where hits like Temple Run or Agent Dash have actually bumped up the users expectations on new releases. Well, it seems like Kiloo Games have joined hands with Sybo Games in making their own name now with the release of Subway Surfers, that has finally comes to Android after being on iOS for quite some time.


Poll: How satisfactory is your gaming experience on Android?

Android, like most things in life, has its fair share of ups and downs. Being an ‘open’ platform, there is a lot that can be done with an Android phone or tablet right out of the box. The same cannot be said of iOS and Windows Phone devices, which are ‘closed’ for the most part, and therefore the user’s ability to customize and what-not is severely limited.


Total Recall – The Game comes back with Episode 2 of the series

About a month or so ago we reported on a new movie-based game being released called Total Recall – Episode 1, which was based in the original movie we all know and not the new version. Well just like we’ve predicted from it’s name, an Episode 2 has come our way and rather quickly. ConcoursMania Montpellier has just released the second episode for their Total Recall game and while sticking to the original, this one goes through a different set of parts from the movie.


The tiny iMpulse Game Controller keyring hits Kickstarter for funding

As with all things technology based, we tend to see sizes get smaller and smaller as technology advances. This holds true for cellphones that, at one point, were bigger than a brick but are now nice little smartphones that fit in our pocket. Even the upcoming Android powered OUYA game console is the size of a Rubik’s Cube. Now game controllers are going that way as well, at least when it comes to mobile gaming. Let’s meet the iMpulse Controller, a game controller that is the size of a keyring.