Popular iOS continuous runner Subway Surfers arrives on Google Play

In the actual market, creativity and innovation are two words that usually make up as a good start when creating a game, being it extremely important in an era where lots of game genres are already taken by successful and un-aging hits. It’s the case of the Continuous Running (or Infinite Running for literal purposes) genre, where hits like Temple Run or Agent Dash have actually bumped up the users expectations on new releases. Well, it seems like Kiloo Games have joined hands with Sybo Games in making their own name now with the release of Subway Surfers, that has finally comes to Android after being on iOS for quite some time.

Subway Surfers is an endless running game in which you must run from a chubby policeman that caught you red-handed when painting some trains. In order to escape from him and his dog, you must slide, jump, crouch and in general move through an incredibly long train station divided in three main rails. You will also be avoiding (or jumping over) moving trains and picking up the in-game currency, gold coins, to get some upgrades and buy new characters to play as.

Subway Surfers Features:

– Grind trains with your cool crew!
– Colorful and vivid HD graphics!
– Hoverboard Surfing!
– Paint powered jetpack!
– Lightning fast swipe acrobatics!
– Challenge and help your friends!

The game’s graphics leave nothing to be desired, making you really feel the sensation of moving through trains and obstacles with the use of nice and swift movements and some hilarious animations. A short and repetitive soundtrack tries to keep up with the game, though you won’t really be paying attention to it since you will be concentrating on not getting hit by a moving metal “game over”.

With a lot of props to find and unlock and full HD graphics that makes good use of your Android device’s screen, Subway Surfers hopes to make the continuous running genre a little bit funnier. You can get it for free from Google Play.

Developer Website: Kiloo

Google Play Link: Subway Surfers

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