DIY project shows us a great looking iCade-style arcade cabinet for Android tablets

One thing that iOS users have had for awhile now is the iCade, a mini arcade cabinet you can hook up your iPad to and play games just like you would if it were a full arcade cabinet, with a joystick and a selection of buttons. One crafty Android user however has built his own iCade style cabinet for his Android tablet.

The cabinet looks like something straight out of an arcade, shrunk down of course, and uses an Android tablet as the ‘monitor’ along with a Tatsunoko vs. Capcom fight stick for a joystick. The end result is a pretty nifty looking cabinet that will let you play your Android games just like you would in an arcade. The whole set-up looks clean and recreating it shouldn’t be too difficult. As of right now though, the creator of this little cabinet hasn’t posted any step-by-step instructions.

So how does it all work? The joystick is connected to a Wii Mote. The Wii Mote is connected to a Levono K1 tablet through Bluetooth. Games are powered by the MAME4Droid emulator which, as you may know from our previous coverage of this emulator, can run any MAME-compatible game. You will need your own ROMs for this though which is pretty much a given for any emulator available on Google Play. Check out the video above to see it in action. If anyone tries and successfully builds one or something similar, feel free to send us instructions so we can share it with everyone.

Website Referenced: Android Police

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