Day: 9 October 2012


Hosted Minecraft: Pocket Edition online multiplayer server software is under development

When Minecraft: Pocket Edition came out on Android it was a great addition to Android gaming in general. While the game has come a long way since it’s initial release to the now current 0.4.0 version, there are still plenty features that are missing from the game. Things like caves, villages, enchanting and so on are key features still needing to make their way to the game. Still, with all of this missing, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is a great game. However, there is one feature that, for the most part, everyone who has Minecraft: Pocket Edition really wants and that is online multiplayer.


Google Play now offers a free trial period for in-app subscription services

Not too long ago Google rolled out the abilities to offer up subscriptions that users can sign up for and get charged a monthly fee. The subscription service is available as an in-app purchase where, for example, if you like a magazine, you could subscribe to it for a monthly fee, usually around $3.99. As of today, Google has rolled out the ability to try a subscription service before buying into it.


Spacetime Studios’ upcoming MMORPG, Arcane Legends, gets its first cinematic trailer

Over the past few months we have been reporting on Spacetime Studios upcoming MMORPG for Android, iOS and Chrome called Arcane Legends. This new title is a combination of all the features and game mechanics that worked well and were popular in their previous games such as the charge attacks and group combo attacks. The game goes back to a more fantasy theme with visuals closer to what you would find in Star Legends or Pocket Legends, the more cartoon like graphics. There will also be new features that will arrive in Arcane Legends when it launches such as the battle pets system.


Wappworks Studio releases their first game, Hyper Grav, on Google Play and in HTML5

A new indie game studio has arrived called Wappworks Studios, a two man team made up of Chris Khoo (an EA alumni) and Chris Ting (a game enthusiast), and they have released their first game for Android called Hyper Grav. This new game is a physics-based action game where you will be taking on mercenaries who have managed to take hostage your society’s sacred symbol, The Arc.


HandyGames’ Clouds & Sheep gets into the Halloween spirit with a new update

HandyGames usually does this every Halloween with at least one of their games and it looks like this year Clouds & Sheep will be getting the Halloween makeover update. The update, which is now available for you to download, comes with a new Halloween themed scenario along with eight new Halloween challenges to work your way through. Of course everything is decorated in the spirit of Halloween including your beloved sheep.


The MOGA mobile gaming controller gets some big retail backing, pre-orders now open

There are a couple of new mobile gaming controllers gearing up to hit store shelves real soon that we are eager to get our grubby little hands on to try out and play games with. There is the SteelSeries Free wireless game controller, previously known as the SteelSeries ION, which is now available as of October 2nd, 2012 and then there is the rather interesting MOGA controller. Slated to ht store shelves this month, PowerA have announced today that the MOGA controller has some serious retail backing and will be available in some rather big name stores.