Day: 20 September 2012


FeelingTouch releases Zombie Frontier for more zombie shooting action

You may know FeelingTouch Inc as one of those game studios who tend to lean towards the free-to-play business model. Well their latest addition to their catalog doesn’t stray from this business model and neither does it in gameplay for fans of static FPS games. Zombie Frontier brings the always welcomed T-Virus infection to your neighborhood, and promises some more action for your thumbs.


New details released about Spacetime Studios upcoming MMORPG called Arcane Legends

It has been a few months since we announced Spacetime Studios next title in their series of MMORPGs called Arcane Legends. While details have remained pretty hush hush for the most part, back then we at least knew that Spacetime Studios would be taking the best mechanics out of their previous Legends games and combining them into Arcane Legends. We now know a little bit more about this new MMORPG and have a few more screenshots to check out.


Nightmarium let’s you erase those childhood fears, or relive them

I remember one of my favorite childhood TV series being Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. It was just hilarious to see how each and every living thing was so unique and the history brought itself up. It’s no surprise on referencing those memories with Game Garden’s latest game Nightmarium, that uses an amazing mixture of graphics and sound that creates a deep world to get immersed in for at least a couple of minutes.


SteelSeries Free Wireless Controller goes on sale October 2nd

Way back in the beginning of this year during CES 2012 we reported on SteelSeries who were planning on getting into the mobile gaming market with a new game controller called the ION. After we reported on this new portable controller, that can easily fit in your pocket, everything went quiet about when it would start hitting store shelves. Now, we can finally give you an update and the controller’s new name, the SteelSeries Free Wireless Controller.


The Indie Gala #9 is now live, features Call of Cthulhu and Battlegroup

The new Indie Gala bundle has gone live and features two pretty great games for Android called Call of Cthulhu: The Wasted Land and Battlegroup. For those of you unfamiliar with what the Indie Gala is, it is basically a lot like the Humble Bundle. You can pay what you want for a select amount of games and the money you spend can be split up in different ways. You can have it all go to a charity, Indie Gala themselves or the developers of the games. You can also divide it up among all three if you want to.


Fort Courage for Tegra devices bring humorous tower defense to Android

Another Tegra-based game has arrived today from Human Head Games called Fort Courage. Aside from the rather humorous name the development studio uses, Fort Courage is also full of humor, goofiness and straight up fun. This particular game is a Tower Defense style title that is quite enjoyable both with the eye candy it comes with and the overall gameplay. This was a sneaky title too, having no preview at all available on Tegra Zone ahead of its launch.