FeelingTouch releases Zombie Frontier for more zombie shooting action

You may know FeelingTouch Inc as one of those game studios who tend to lean towards the free-to-play business model. Well their latest addition to their catalog doesn’t stray from this business model and neither does it in gameplay for fans of static FPS games. Zombie Frontier brings the always welcomed T-Virus infection to your neighborhood, and promises some more action for your thumbs.

With the usual zombie/monster/any-moving -hing shooting theme to it, Zombie Frontier incorporates a well organized missions system that move from Rescue to Survival, allowing you to gun down hordes of zombies with your growing arsenal of weapons or just laying them out with grenades. You get to level up your character and upgrade your weapons, unleashing yet more devastation to recover your land.

Zombie Frontier Features:

– Enjoy shocking music and sound effect!
– Experience the sensation of firing wildly!
– Kill different kinds of zombies!
– New weapons and upgrade system!
– Challenging role growth system!
– New and unique bonus items!

With similar graphics to successful hits like Gun Zombie: Hell Gate and iGun Zombie Reloaded, Zombie Frontier sets sail into the growing apocalypse market we’re weekly reporting on with new games. You can get some of your daily dose of rotting faces on Google Play for free, since Zombie Frontier is supported by In-App Purchases, Ads and TapJoy offers. Happy shooting.

Developer Website: Feeling Touch

Google Play Link:Zombie Frontier

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