Nightmarium let’s you erase those childhood fears, or relive them

I remember one of my favorite childhood TV series being Aaahh!!! Real Monsters. It was just hilarious to see how each and every living thing was so unique and the history brought itself up. It’s no surprise on referencing those memories with Game Garden’s latest game Nightmarium, that uses an amazing mixture of graphics and sound that creates a deep world to get immersed in for at least a couple of minutes.

Nightmarium starts up in a little girl’s nightmare, that comes to life vividly in the shape of 6 scenarios. Each one more inventive and scarier than the previous one as each of the places soon get crowded with foes and horrible creatures that attempt to take the Zs out of our character’s sleep. It’s your task to stop that from happening by tapping, slicing and shaking every monster away before getting eaten. If you feel like the joint gets too crowd, you can use any of the tools (like lamps) and toys (like teddy bears) that will extinguish the enemies and help the little one have a safe sleep.

If that’s not enough for an innovative idea, the graphics and sounds of the game are the strong point of it. Gorgeous and intense cartoon graphics that bring to life the nightmares along with a very atmospheric soundtrack that does an excellent job setting the mood. The game won’t get old in your hands with those randomly appearing evil minions coming and going around your device.

For those already wondering how to get their hands on this game to check it our for yourself, the game is available for free on Google Play and is supported by In-App Purchases intended to give you longer playing sessions (by acquiring Sweets Dreams) or getting two extra levels. Time to enjoy your nightmares.

Game Website: Nightmarium Game (Russian)

Google Play Link: Nightmarium

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