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[Video] TG-01 runs Android, still unfortunately resistive

XDA’s community has more great news for us. After their triumph over the outdated Windows Mobile 6.5 OS on HTC’s HD2 they’ve managed to do the same with Toshiba’s TG-01. The world’s first Snapdragon equipped smartphone is now compatible with Google’s more modern Android OS. From it looks of it the Snapdragon chip manages games just fine.

While the initial build isn’t the most stable, it’s not unlike the early HD2 builds we saw when the EVO first came out. The porting is expected to mature rapidly (even more so than the HD2) because many of the drivers and underlying hardware is similar. Unfortunately a remnant of the older operating system most unlikely to change is the screen’s touch recognition technology. The TG-01 is resistive, unlike other Android devices that have capacitive screens. It requires a stylus to operate and multi-touch is out the question so far.

Originally posted by Markinus

Android/Linux on TG01 development, EDIT 24.11.2010


I have now a TG01 too, and will start to develop some Linux stuff on it.
I will create a new branch for it in our htcleo repository because some things we can use for both. If I have something what you could try, I will post it here.

I did already a bit reasearch and put some new stuff in the htc linux wiki. I will update it if I found something new.

We need to research much stuff. And all this needs much time. So don’t ask for dates

Added touchscreen buttons
Added first Test Build! Extract to sd and run haret! Look to Post 2.

You can follow our HD2 guide for help installing this on your TG-01, as the process remains unchanged.

Source: XDA Portal | XDA Forums

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