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Spectral Souls by HyperDevBox delayed slightly, still coming out this month though!

Lots, and I mean lots, of you have been asking us if we know when HyperDevBox’s new Tactical RPG, called Spectral Souls, is going to be released. This is a massive 1GB sized game featuring full 3D graphics and insanely deep gameplay. Well we just got word back from our friends over at HyperDevBox about Spectral Souls release.

Here is the response we received regarding Spectral Souls for Android and the release date:

We are at the moment fixing some little technical glitches recently found when running on 2.2.x and up when switching between our Movie Player context and OpenGL Game context, along with some new optimization for Qualcomm & PVR GPU and finalizing the Neon support, the game will need to go to another round of QA testing that should delay the release to 15th January.

So that should answer everyone’s question as to when it will be released. I would give them a couple of days extra on that as it is a huge game and they are obviously working hard to make it as perfect as possible for release time. The wait is almost over though! For more details check out our previous article about Spectral Souls and check out some of the in-game art and screenshots straight from HyperDevBox.

Developer Website: HyperDevBox

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