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[Updated] Shift by Armor Games coming to Android. Beta testing sign-up now open!

Handmark, a 3rd party mobile app and game market who also publish games and apps for developers on the Android Market, announced a moment ago that the popular game called Shift by Armor Games is on its way to Android. They also have opened up a sign-up form online for qualified Beta Testers to sign-up.

People who love things designed in the minimalistic fashion will love this game as will any platform game fan. It is a black and white colored game, done in pixel/bit art and is based as a spy type of game with an original soundtrack. It’s been pretty popular on the iOS platform with over 10M people having played it according to Handmark.


Screenshots from the iPhone version for reference

“Shift is an adventure puzzle platformer with a literal twist to the game play mechanic. You are subject 32763, trapped in an experiment. Can you find your way out?” – Handmark’s quick description

There are actually 5 in total in the entire series, at least the Flash versions. Hopefully some of those will be ported over as well. You can head over to the Handmark’s Beta sign-up page should you want to try and get a spot on the closed beta.

Update Jan 10th, 2011 2:06pm: Well that was quick, just after our post and the announcement, the Closed Beta is now full. It filled up within 25 minutes so either the response was huge, which according to Handmark it was, or there wasn’t a whole lot of spaces available. Probably a combination of both.

Developer Website: Armor Games

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