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Magenoid jumps onto the Android Market. Great new retro game from OrangePixel

Meganoid is a retro-styled platform game with all sorts of goodies included. Brought to us by the ever awesome crew at OrangePixel who tend to make some of the best retro-style games for Android. Your goal is to get through each stage and collect the gems, except half of them are hidden (at least it feels that way)!

OrangePixel has developed some pretty interesting new features with OpenFeint which are debuting in this game. The main one being Friend-Avatars which, when you get people to play the game, they will actually start showing up in the game world with hints and extra diamonds for extra lives!


  • 40 initial levels with 60 more coming in an update
  • Tons of achievements to unlock
  • Awesome retro-style 8bit graphics, chiptunes and sound effects
  • Star ratings for finishing levels within a certain amount of time
  • Friend-avatars



This is definitely not an easy game though and generally, each stage will will take a few tries to complete, especially if you are looking for all the diamonds in each stage. You have plenty of obstacles to overcome as well. Of course if you enjoy retro-style games, this is something you’ll definitely want to check out.

You can grab Meganoid off the Android Market for the high price of free! Official press release included below for your reading enjoyment.

Developer Website: OrangePixel

Direct Market Link: Meganoid

Press Release:

The planet is under attack by aliens!!

..who might not be aliens but mutated humans
..who are possibly mutated by real aliens actually from another planet
..most likely hired by a big human corporation
..with very likely some connections with another species controlled by evil aliens from yet another planet…

Anyway! only a hero can save the planet! least that’s what everyone was hoping for
..but since all heroes have now come and gone are the last option!

Go be the last hero!

Meganoid is a HARD retro action game for android and completely free, need more details?

It comes in full retrocolor, with chiptunetastic music and sound effects.
It has 40 levels in the first release, with 60 more coming in various updates
Challenging achievements to unlock using Openfeint
Replay value in the shape of star-awards for finishing a level within the time limit
and a reward-star for collecting all the diamonds… even the 100 of hidden ones!

features include a unique “friend-avatar” feature powered by Openfeint
services: Get your friends to play the game and they will start showing
up in your game world, giving you story hints and more importantly:
diamonds for extra lives, making the game easier as your friends play

WARNING :  this game is not easy! but it is free and simply funtastic !

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