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Orangepixel’s Post-Apocalyptic “Ashworld” Set for Early 2017 Release

Formerly known as Project Ragelaw, the one-man development team Orangepixel has finally settled on an official title for his new game- Ashworld. Taking its inspiration from Mad Max, the arcade action and story of Ashworld takes place in an open world desert wasteland, which is broken up between 3 factions of characters- the good guys, the Ragers (bad guys who find pure enjoyment in acts of death and destruction), and Skellies (essentially nocturnal zombies).


OrangePixel launches the Orange Sale, discounting a bunch of their games down to $0.99

Picture it. You have finished eating with your entire family. Your mother has already griped about how you could live your life better, your great aunt Hilda has mentioned that you look like you’ve lost some weight and maybe your kids have driven you nuts during the entire dinner. You are full and want time alone to just relax. How do you do that? By enjoying some you time, yes, some game play.


Find the king’s stash of loot in Orangepixel’s new dungeon crawler Heroes of Loot 2

Released by Orangepixel today, Heroes of Loot 2 is their newest game to be released on the Android platform. In this game, players will be tasked with finding the lair of King Loot. The problem is, there are dozens of dungeons in the way, that need traversing, and can’t be completed without meeting some criteria. They range from finding a key, to lighting all the magic candles, or opening a gate.


[Update: Game Released] OrangePixel’s highly anticipated Space Grunts game will finally be unleashed onto mobile this week

Our friends over at OrangePixel have announced today over Twitter that their highly anticipated game called Space Grunts will finally be getting released onto mobile. We’ve actually been following the development of Space Grunts since it was originally announce back in the earlier part of 2015. It actually was just released onto Steam a couple of weeks ago and has been doing pretty good already.