[Update: Game Released] OrangePixel’s highly anticipated Space Grunts game will finally be unleashed onto mobile this week

Our friends over at OrangePixel have announced today over Twitter that their highly anticipated game called Space Grunts will finally be getting released onto mobile. We’ve actually been following the development of Space Grunts since it was originally announce back in the earlier part of 2015. It actually was just released onto Steam a couple of weeks ago and has been doing pretty good already.

Update: February 2nd, 2016: For those of you who have been waiting patiently for Space Grunts to launch onto mobile, you’ll be happy to know that the wait is now finally over! Space Grunts is available for download off of Google Play now, and at a discounted price for the next 2 days. You can grab a copy through the link at the bottom of this article.

However, if you happened to have missed our previous coverage of Space Grunts, here’s the quick and dirty description about it. Space Grunts was originally going to be Heroes of Loot 2, until somewhere along the development process it strayed from that and ended up being a rather unique game all on its own. What makes this game unique is that it is a blend of turn-based gameplay and an arcade shooter.

The game takes place on a Moon base where ‘something’ has happened and it is your job to find out what that something actually is. While the game may be turn-based, it is actually quite fast-pace as well. Players will be able to choose to play as one of three different character classes. From there you can use various weapons and upgrades as well as a large collection of items to deal with any hostiles you may encounter.

There’s plenty of secret areas to find, monsters to kill, and all sorts of goodies to use. While Space Grunts is slated for release this week, it won’t be happening on Thursday like most Android game releases do. Instead Space Grunts will land on Google Play on Wednesday, February 3rd, 2016. While there won’t be a free version of this game like most of OrangePixel’s other releases, it will be on sale for the first couple of days. Then it will go up to its regular price, whatever that may be. We will post an update once it does arrive.

Developer Websites: OrangePixel | Twitter

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