Day: June 8, 2016

Game News

Chase the highest scores by making bubbles collide in Bubbit, now available from Google Play

Released by Seraphic Games, Bubbit is a new arcade game for the Android platform. In this game, players are tasked with pulling bubbles together, in order to score points. The bubbles have differing point values, and those values stack as they are combined. The gameplay is fairly straightforward in that players will select one bubble, and then a single surrounding bubble can be rotated around it.

Game News

Survive as long as you can by avoiding blocks in Block Havoc, now out on Google Play

Released by Dodo Built, Block Havoc is a simple, rhythm based game that’s just been released on to Android. In Block Havoc, players are simply looking to see how long they can stay alive, amassing a score that’s equal with their duration of play. Gameplay for Block Havoc is simple. Players will control a pair of plain, white circles near the center of the screen.

Game News

Square Enix’s open beta for Final Fantasy Type-0 Online launches this month in China. Other regions to follow after.

Today seems to have a decent amount of Square Enix news, with this little tidbit of Final Fantasy goodness being the latest. Back in September 2015 we reported on Square Enix who had revealed at that time that they were working on Final Fantasy Type-0 Online which would be coming to mobile devices at some point in the future. Well it looks like that is getting close to becoming a reality.

Game News

Play missile command in a 360 degree setting in Missile Attack VR, now available on Google Play

Released by Astrologic Media, Missile Attack VR is a new take on the classic game Missile Command. In this game, players are tasked with firing their laser cannon to take down incoming missiles, and see how long they can keep the missiles at bay. What’s nice about this game though, is that it will work with VR headsets such as Google Cardboard, but will also work without one, simply viewing through the screen of the phone as one would with any other type of game.

Game News

Find the king’s stash of loot in Orangepixel’s new dungeon crawler Heroes of Loot 2

Released by Orangepixel today, Heroes of Loot 2 is their newest game to be released on the Android platform. In this game, players will be tasked with finding the lair of King Loot. The problem is, there are dozens of dungeons in the way, that need traversing, and can’t be completed without meeting some criteria. They range from finding a key, to lighting all the magic candles, or opening a gate.