Day: 20 December 2016


The Pandemic board game is currently available for 70% off

In other board gaming news, Pandemic is currently on sale for a limited time. In this game, two to four players are doing everything they can to stop an outbreak of a pandemic disease from wiping out humanity. One of the many twists in this game is that there are multiple diseases that are all spreading concurrently, though in different regions of the globe. Players work cooperatively in this game, to try to kill off all four diseases and and hopefully avoid the multiple loss conditions that the game presents which include too man outbreaks, running out of player cards, and so on.


Be involved in the cold war with the newly ported board game Twilight Struggle

Twilight Struggle is one of the best board games ever to be created. Fortunately for us, it’s now been ported over to Android. In this game, players will be assuming control of either the US, or the Soviet Union, in a bid for global hegemony, during the Cold War. Players will work their way through rounds, that are focused on each of the four main decades that contained the Cold War.


Orangepixel’s Post-Apocalyptic “Ashworld” Set for Early 2017 Release

Formerly known as Project Ragelaw, the one-man development team Orangepixel has finally settled on an official title for his new game- Ashworld. Taking its inspiration from Mad Max, the arcade action and story of Ashworld takes place in an open world desert wasteland, which is broken up between 3 factions of characters- the good guys, the Ragers (bad guys who find pure enjoyment in acts of death and destruction), and Skellies (essentially nocturnal zombies).


The Party (Guest List) Never Stops in Los XV de Rubí, out now on Android

Mexican teenager Rubí Ibarra Garcia has quite the problem on her hands. You see, a few weeks ago her father posted a video on his Facebook page inviting “everyone” to his daughter’s fifteenth birthday party. A few hours after it was posted, the video was shared on the region’s official Facebook page, where a few internet pranksters picked up on it, decided that the word everyone literally meant everyone, and proceeded to spread it across social media.