Author: Ralph Haley


[Update: Release Date] Red Barton and The Sky Pirates is set to clear the air on Steam and Mobile Devices in Early 2017

Red Barton and The Sky Pirates is an upcoming 3rd person shooter that hearkens back to the days of OutRun, and AfterBurner, with a story mode a la Star Fox (the N64 classic). The player takes on the role of Red Barton, a pilot of a WWI era fighter airplane fighting his way through waves of enemies, on a mission to save his love and restore his honor.


Castle of Legends MMORPG is now available in early access form

CES 2017 is officially over, and now it appears developers are back to work, in a big way.  One of the announcements today comes from CHANGYOU.COM who released into early access their multi-player online fantasy MMO SLG Castle of Legends.  Changyou, a company relatively unknown in the west, is one of China’s biggest gaming powerhouses, and aims to storm the overseas market this year with a slew of new and unique titles.


The Filmmaker is now available. Like the 1931 Dracula Film

Released on December 16th, Storycentric Worlds and Unimatrix Productions have given us The Filmmaker. This is the third of their text adventure games that combines elements of interactive fiction, visual novels and gamebooks with a graphic user interface very reminiscent of early 1990’s text adventures. While not a sequel or direct continuation of their previous two games, Lifestream and Shady Brook, the game does provide players of those games little Easter eggs throughout.


The Little Fox Review: Thank you Mario! But our Prince is on another world…

Let me start by saying first of all, without a doubt, this has to be the cutest android game of 2016. Secondly, don’t for a second let the cuteness fool you. Because if you do, you will be watching ads until the next morning. This game is deceptively tough.  Like any highly addictive drug, it perfectly skirts the line between frustration and “just one more.” Call me a glutton for punishment but i think, at the end of a crazy year, I have just found my new favorite game.


Super Villian War: Lost Heroes Preview: Suicide Squad The RPG… Sort Of

If 2016 has taught us anything its that its good to be the bad guy.  I was able to spend a couple of hours playing the newest Free to Play Strategy RPG, Super Villains War:  Lost Heroes, and I walked away thinking that after more time with the game, developer CJKE could have a hit on their hands.  Unfortunately, any good experience I could have possibly had, was marred by an long, drawn out, tutorial which is un-skippable.