Day: 26 December 2016


The Little Fox Review: Thank you Mario! But our Prince is on another world…

Let me start by saying first of all, without a doubt, this has to be the cutest android game of 2016. Secondly, don’t for a second let the cuteness fool you. Because if you do, you will be watching ads until the next morning. This game is deceptively tough.  Like any highly addictive drug, it perfectly skirts the line between frustration and “just one more.” Call me a glutton for punishment but i think, at the end of a crazy year, I have just found my new favorite game.


Poly Water is a relaxing new arcade game from Pietoon Studios

Pietoon Studios has released their first Android game onto Google Play called Poly Water. This particular game is actually a bit more of a relaxing style of endless arcade game. In Poly Water, players will be presented with the main character to control, which happens to be a little creature to starter off with. Eventually you will be able to unlock other characters and use those instead.


Nintendo to embrace freemium with future releases?

Recently, the interwebs have been abuzz about Nintendo having released their first game onto mobile, coming from a highly sought-after franchise; as Android users, we have felt the slight from Nintendo as it’s currently exclusive to iOS. As I have watched this story unfold from afar, there is a particular facet of it that has now caught my attention, as new information seems to have surfaced.


Niantic has announced the availability of limited holiday-themed item packs in Pokemon GO

Niantic Labs has announced today the availability of holiday-themed item packs which will be available for a limited time only for Pokemon GO players, which makes sense since it is themed around the holidays. These ‘packs’, which come in the form of presents, are visible in the IAP area of the game and come in three different sizes: Special, Great, and Ultra Boxes.