Qurius Beta Preview: GPS’d Godus on Mobile

Qurius is an interesting title.  While still in beta, it offers a new take on the god-like creation games out there. Qurius actually uses your location and GPS systems to translate your actual weather to in game actions. In Qurius, you are tasked with saving a mysterious world from its imminent destruction.

Using your weather, you magically Harvest, collect and share globally magic gems. These gems have different functions, with the main goal being to help hold off destruction and create and build the environment back up. The game’s world is populated with cute creatures, interesting stone structures and numerous magical portals to other areas and worlds. 

Qurius currently is in beta form, but it is constantly being updated with new features, the most recent being:

– Real-time snow comes to Qurius!
– New Snow gems, snow flowers, and snow decorations
– Over 40 New decorations so you can make your own personal wonderland
– New ability to rotate almost everything in the game to get the look you want
– Google Play Avatars and Player names on Tree Portals
– Now get Qbit rewards when other players grow trees connected to your world!
– Expanded mill jobs
– Some lovely Haiku to ponder. Because who doesn’t love Haiku?

Qurius has been in beta since earlier this week, with the most recent update hitting the play store on December 15th.  It is definitely an interesting take on the god, builder, games and implements mobile, with the use of GPS, in an interesting way that i haven’t seen before.  The beta currently stands at a 3.9 out of 5.0 rating on the play store, which i believe will increase with the updates and the beta reaching more people.  I has IAP ranging from $.99 – $18.99 per item.  During my time with the beta, i was able to get some serious play without the need to purchase anything.  Please look forward to our review of the game once the final version is released.

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