The 2K Sale begins today: NBA, XCOM, and Borderlands are included

2K Games’ premium titles are among the more expensive games available on the Play Store, but starting today they are on sale at a sizable discount. Four games, which normally cost between $8-10, are currently priced at only $2.99.

The games on sale are:

Both the Civilization and WWE games are mobile-exclusive entries in the established PC and console franchises, while NBA 2K17 and XCOM are direct ports of their multi-platform—and in XCOM’s case, award-winning—counterparts.

In addition, two Nvidia Shield-exclusive games, Borderlands 2 and Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel!, are down from their usual price of $14.99 to a more modest $6.99.

No word yet on when this sale ends, but we’ll update this article to reflect any new information.

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