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Return serves and defeat your opponent in Bang Bang Tennis, now out on Google Play

Growing up, I was awful at video games that were based on sports. At one time, I was a rabid football fan, yet couldn’t handle anything that came after the early Tecmo games. Oddly enough, I always seemed to fair better on the spin offs, that were based on sports, but only loosely so. Bang Bang Tennis is one such game, that is only reasonably close to Tennis in the proper sense, but still seems to have its own spin on how the game is played.


The Christmas Android Game Sale Round-Up: Lots and lots of Android games on sale this holiday season

Usually we do our weekly round-up of Android games on sale each Friday, but while this week’s list is on a Friday, it is probably the biggest list of Android games on sale that we have seen in some time. It’s even bigger than last year’s list, or looks like it is. This list contains all the games on sale right now for a limited time, not including the previous articles earlier this week on other games going on sale. Those, however, will still be linked in here for easier access.


Nvidia puts a large amount of games on sale up to 80% off for the holidays

Nvidia, the gaming hardware company, features games that run well on their hardware, and sometimes exclusively so. Like many other companies, they’re offering deep discounts on many of these games. Some of them are native to Android, while others must be steamed using their subscription service called GeForce Now. And do make note of the fact that any games purchased through GeForce Now also comes with a redemption code from either Steam or GOG, so the games can still be enjoyed offline, and independently of the streaming service, albeit on a PC.