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Bonecruncher Soccer – Soccer without rules

Another very notable release in the third wave of OpenFeint games is that from developers Distinctive Developments (known as Distinctive Wireless on the Android Market) with their hit iPhone game Bonecruncher Soccer. A lot of ex-iPhone users who now have Android devices and enjoy sports games have been waiting for this for awhile now.

Game News

Speedball 2: Evolution about to launch on Andorid

Vivid Games and Tower Studios have teamed up to bring you the classic game Speedball 2 made for modern devices in the ‘glory it deserves’. Most gamers have played at least one of the Speedball games in their lifetime and tend to love the classics very much. This will apparently be no exception as “The game will be released in 20th Anniversary of Speedball 2 Brutal Deluxe.”

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Deer Hunter 3D by Glu Mobile now available!

Glu Mobile has been doing some serious damage on the Android Market lately but in a good way though. First the release of Transformers G1 followed by Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. Today they just released yet another great game called Deer Hunter 3D which, by the title, I’m sure you can guess what type of game this is.

Game News

EA ready for solid Android commitment

This isn’t entirely new news nor is it anything groundbreaking since EA has been involved with deploying some of their games onto the Android platform so not a huge need to post about it right away. In case you haven’t read this already on one of the many other Android sites reporting on this bit of info, it seems EA is ready to make a strong solid commitment to Android.