Day: 22 December 2016


Unleash your inner child in Snowball, a winter-themed pinball game, out now

Winter is officially here and with it a plethora of seasonally-themed games. Amidst the crop of current offerings is Snowball, a new pinball game from developer Pixeljam. Published on the Android platform by Noodlecake Games, Snowball takes the traditional pinball board and replaces it with a unique setting: a kid-constructed, snow-covered bobsled maze, complete with snow banks, igloos, wooden paddles, and yes, big balls of snow.


Calorie Consuming Clicker Gotta Eat Them All Now Available on Android

The goal of Animoca Brands’ bizarre new clicker game is to fill the glutinous Leon’s gullet in a search for salivary satisfaction.  Players need to help Leon’s Holiday mission by tapping as fast as possible to gorge on as much culinary cuisine as possible in order to gain ample weight.  Because, as we all know, the Holidays were made for stuffing ourselves with as much food as humanly possible.


Roguelike platformer GoNNeR makes its way to the Nvidia Shield Android TV

GoNNER is a newly released platformer, with some rogue like elements. In this game, players will be assuming the role Ikk, whose friend is a beached whale named Sally. In oder to try and make Sally happy, Ikk will descend into deep and dark places, in search of trinkets that will make her happy. She shows up from time to time within the game, and will restore Ikk’s health, as a token of said friendship.


Hot Wheels: Race Off is now available for download

If you had Hot wheels as a child, congratulations! You were born after 1968. What I’m saying is that they’re ubiquitous in children’s rooms everywhere. One more show of solidarity; who’s tired of a a studio taking something you grew up with or loved and turning it into a poorly implemented money-making steamer? Again, I feel like that’s most of us. I’m looking at you, Transformers.


Nvidia puts a large amount of games on sale up to 80% off for the holidays

Nvidia, the gaming hardware company, features games that run well on their hardware, and sometimes exclusively so. Like many other companies, they’re offering deep discounts on many of these games. Some of them are native to Android, while others must be steamed using their subscription service called GeForce Now. And do make note of the fact that any games purchased through GeForce Now also comes with a redemption code from either Steam or GOG, so the games can still be enjoyed offline, and independently of the streaming service, albeit on a PC.


Moe! Ninja Girls released on Google Play

NTT Solmore Corp, known and praised for their various dating sims released on Facebook, Mobile and PC, and for their biggest hit “Shall we date?”, have launched their latest title, Moe! Ninja Girls, on Google Play Store, which unsurprisingly happens to also be a dating sim with branching story paths and multiple endings.