Hot Wheels: Race Off is now available for download

If you had Hot wheels as a child, congratulations! You were born after 1968. What I’m saying is that they’re ubiquitous in children’s rooms everywhere. One more show of solidarity; who’s tired of a a studio taking something you grew up with or loved and turning it into a poorly implemented money-making steamer? Again, I feel like that’s most of us. I’m looking at you, Transformers.

Today is not that day! Today we have the global release of Hot Wheels: Race Off. Developed by Hutch Games and Mattel, you’ll be racing cars on Hot Wheels style tracks you probably remember from your childhood, but through a varied of different environments. Along the way you’ll be able to collect and upgrade your cars for better performance.

Everything you love about Hot Wheels brought to life in this racing game:

– Race 20+ Hot Wheels cars across 40+ insane physics racing tracks
– Blast off of boosters, loops, and jumps to stunt on the iconic Hot Wheels orange track
– Upgrade and build your collection of Hot Wheels cars
– Challengen your friends and the world in competitive multi-player mode

The game is free to play, and there’s plenty of content you don’t have to buy. I found unlocking bonus tracks and new Hot Wheels to be a simple affair, and something that happened whilst I was busy stomping those sweet jumps. I believe it took me about half an hour of upgrading my first vehicle to unlock the second using in game currency. There is a premium currency (the only IAP item) but so far it appears unnecessary for the content currently available to me. Any┬ápurchase will you make will eliminate all ads, though. They are of the obnoxious full screen variety, so it may be something to consider.

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