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Dodge birds, planes, and rock formation in Drone Racer: Canyons, now out on Google Play

Released by RedForce Games, Drone Racer: Canyons is a new, drone racing game for Android. In this game, players will be in control of a drone, tasked with completing runs through craggy canyons. Players will have two options for controlling their drones, either by the gyroscope on the handset, or using a virtual D-Pad, along with a few other options for successful navigation.


[UPDATE: Game Released] Beat Racer is coming to Android soon. We are glowing with anticipation!

I came across a video of Beat Racer and I was immediately eager to play the game. The game is published by Lila Soft, and it has already been released on iOS. The Android version of the game is still in development, so we don’t have  a specific release date for it yet. Lila Soft mentioned on their Facebook page that it will release in July. Beat Racer glows with neon colors and vibrant environments. Take the world of the last Tron movie and throw in some incredible music from indie music artists and you have Beat Racer.


Destroy cars and take license plates in Demolition Derby Speedway 2017, now available

Let’s face it—we all love seeing cars smash into other cars and completely demolish each other. It satisfies a primal urge in us as humans to see stuff get obliterated for no good reason other than it being entertaining. Mojo Game Studio knows this, and its newest racing game, Demolition Derby Speedway 2017, goes windshield deep in destruction and just lets you eff cars up.