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Pre-register for Asphalt Street Storm right now to grab a bunch of rewards at launch

Asphalt Street Storm Racing

Asphalt Street Storm is the latest entry in the racing franchise coming soon to Android. It takes racing back to the streets with a focus on four player multiplayer drag racing.

Rather than smashing your opponents off the track, the focus here is on changing gears at the right moment. If you loved the early Fast and Furious films, you’ll be right in your element with the focus on speed.

And you’ll travel across the globe to take on the best racers the world has to offer, challenging for pink slips.

Pre-register for Asphalt Street Storm right now

Pre-registration has just opened as well, and you can earn extra in-game rewards at launch. It’s a community-run event though, so you have to work together with others for the best reward.

You get 10 points for registering, and a further five for sharing. Then the following rewards unlock when they surpass the points cap.

  • 200,000: Race Decal
  • 400,000: 25 Boosts
  • 600,000: $25,000 in-game currency
  • 800,000: 250 Diamonds

To get involved, pre-register right now.

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