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Shrek Kart HD for Android coming soon

Seems in our last article it should have been titles “Triple header” instead of double header thanks again to our resident tipster, Mariano Zorrilla! After a bit of digging, Mariano came up with a new game slated for release on the Android platform by Gameloft, Shrek Kart HD. As you may have guessed, this is similar to Mario Kart but with Shrek Characters.

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Reckless Racing is now available for Android!

The racing game that everyone had been looking forward to is now available on the Android Market. It was originally called Deliverance, Reckless Racing has been long overdue to being released on the market. It was delayed a few times and then word about the game simply disappeared so it being available now suddenly is a surprise and a half.

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Namco to bring Pac-Man Kart Rally to Android

Let’s for a second fast forward into the future. You own a sweet Android tablet (or phone) and have been enjoying gaming on it for awhile. While playing a lot of puzzle, shooters, platformers or whatever your cup of tea is, you want a change and feel like playing a racing game but nothing too serious. Enter Pac-Man Kart Rally from Namco…

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Second Wave of OpenFeint games today!

Only a couple of weeks ago, at the most, we saw OpenFeint release a flurry of games onto the Android Market as well as their OpenFeint Spotlight App. Promising up to 20 games to be released within a months time their first wave of games came out strong with titles like Fruit Ninja and MiniSquadron and today the second wave begins.